What is Energy Medicine?

By now most of us are aware of the fact that the human body has a bio-electric field. The strength of this energy field varies with age and state of health in every individual. The mind plays an important part in the make up of this energy field. A positive, happy disposition makes for an energy field which is equally balanced and larger, and thereby stronger.

If we see the energy field as a blueprint of the physical body, then we understand why stress and worry affect our health.

More and more people now visit their GPs complaining of symptoms due to stress. One of the effects of prolonged stress is a breakdown of the immune system, often leading to auto-immune diseases. The medical profession is often helpless when faced with auto-immune disorders and can only help to alleviate the symptoms but not affect a cure.

Medical professionals are well trained and qualified to detect irregularities in the functioning of the human body. However, they are not trained to detect irregularities in the human energy field.

To demonstrate the importance of the body's Energy Field, the example of a motor car springs to mind. Each separate part could be in peak condition, but the real test of its ultimate performance is the road test. This can only be done after filling it up with fuel. An empty tank will stop the most powerful car in its tracks.

A depleted energy field will slow the body down, although there might be no pathological disease present as yet. But, as this energy field acts like a blueprint of the physical body, sooner or later a depleted or unbalanced field will create physical problems. It makes sense to correct this imbalance `before' it becomes a physical condition.

How many times have we heard that patients with severe physical problems were sent home without a correct diagnosis. Isn't it time, after years of studying `the vehicle', that we have a closer look at what drives our bodies and at new ways of combating energy deficiencies long before they manifest themselves into physical problems?

It must be pointed out that, although we often refer to food as fuel for the body, food is only an indirect way to create a better energy field. Apart from food and the quality of the air we breathe, there are other ways to improve the quality and the amount of fuel for our physical vehicle. `Earth Breathing' is one of these ways. One could say that this self-healing technique boosts the fuel enormously by turning it into Superfuel.

Even ageing is dependent on our energy field. An old person has a much smaller field than a child. Daily living uses up the energy available, just like a battery runs down with usage. Energy Medicine can boost and renew this depleted field. Electro Crystal Therapy will re-balance the field. `Earth Breathing' literally pumps up the field and increases its size by up to three times.

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